Fifth Business

how do you account for ramsay surprising vision before he loses consciousness

his vision before he went unconsciouness

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Dunstan Ramsey's vision?

In Part II of the novel, Dunstan witnesses his second miracle. Just before he loses consciousness on the battlefield, he sees a vision of the Virgin Mary, with one notable difference..... she carries the face of Widow Dempster. Previously, Dunstan was not very religious, none-the-less, he carried his Bible into battle. After these miracles, his belief in God is unquestionable, but he rejects the religion in which he was raised (Protestantism) because it doesn't allow for the veneration of holy saints, but he isn't a part of the Catholic church either. Thus, the name of our novel..... "Fifth Business," and living the religious life of someone who just doesn't fit into to a specific denomination.


Fifth Business