What does cory pick up and how does hat end?

act 2, scene 4

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Cory angrily tells his father that he's never done anything for him except “try and make me scared of you.” He tells him that Rose is scared of him too and this angers Troy even more. Cory dares him to fight. He tells Troy, “You took Uncle Gabe’s money he got from the army to buy this house and then you put him out.” Troy advances towards Cory and Cory picks up the baseball bat. Troy tells him that he’s going to have to use it and kill him if he picks it up and Cory dares him to come at him again. Troy grabs the bat and the two struggle over it. Troy is stronger and takes the bat and stands over him, ready to swing. He stops and tells Cory to leave. Cory says to tell Rose he’ll be back for his things and Troy tells him, “They’ll be on the other side of that fence.” As Cory leaves, Troy assumes a batting posture and again taunts Death.