How does Troy treat Rose? What are you assumptions about “that Alberta gal”?

How does Troy treat Rose?  What are you assumptions about “that Alberta gal”?

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Troy isn't the best of husbands. Yes, he supports the family, and that's great, but he also uses the fact that he's the breadwinner over his family. A rpoud man, Troy likes to talk about his exploits and occasionally he exaggerates..... only to be corrected by Rose..... something he does not appreciate. I believe he loves his wife, but he could be a bit more accepting of her role as a partner. 

Alberta is a different story. She's Troy's escape from the real world. He gets what he wants from her and nothing is expected in return..... at least until she finds herself pregnant with his child. Suddenly, Troy's safe place becomes another responsibility, and we never learn what would have happened because of Alberta's death during childbirth.