Fences Act Two, Scene Five

How does the play end?

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Two more months pass by. Cory has graduated and is now looking for a job. Troy initiates a confrontation with him. Cory tells Troy that he doesn't count in the house anymore. They have a physical fight and Troy wrestles the baseball bat away from Cory. Instead of hitting him, Troy kicks him out of the house. As Cory leaves, Troy again taunts death.

Eight years pass. It is 1965 and Rose, Lyons, and Bono gather in the Maxson home for Troy's funeral. Rose has been raising Raynell, Troy's daughter. Cory comes into the yard dressed in a Marine's uniform. It is the first time he has been home in eight years. He and Raynell sit on the front porch and sing Troy's old blues song about his dog, Blue. Cory tells Rose that he is not going to Troy's funeral but Rose tells him he must make peace with his father now.

Gabe enters the yard. It had been uncertain as to whether the mental institution where he lives would let him come, but he arrives with his trumpet, ready to blow Troy into heaven. He tries to blow the trumpet but no sound comes out. Undeterred, Gabe starts to dance, pushing Lyons away from him. As he dances, the gates of heaven open for Troy and Gabe tells them all, "That's the way that go!"