Contrast troy and cory ?

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This father and son team, Troy (father) and Cory (son) are both hardworking athletes. Troy had been a member of the Negro Baseball league, and Cory as a high school student is being recruited by college scouts on account of his excellent grades and talent for playing football.

Our age difference is obvious. Troy enjoys living his past and embellishing stories (I bet you know someone like this!), but his dream was either given up or taken away, and he is left a provider for his family (he's a great provider). Unfortunately, he isn't able to show the love and support his family needs. He speaks against his sons' dreams, and he carries on a long time affair. All of these things combined lead his family to question his value as a husband and father. Once a respected man, his actions prove him to be otherwise, and everyone else is left to sort out their conflicted feelings.

Cory is young and impressionable, ready to set out and capture his dreams. A respectful young adult, Cory finds it hard to deal with what he considers his father's betrayal of the family. He confronts his father, leaves home, and doesn't return until the play's final scene. We learn that he's joined the marines; like his father, Cory's dreams have been lost. We'll hope he found new ones! :-D



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