Farewell to Manzanar

For what reasons is Jeanne’s family not overjoyed at the news that the internment camps are to be closed?2

chpt 16

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Jeanne's family no longer had a home to return to, they were afraid of racism, and frightened about how they would be received by their former neighbors.

In our family the response to this news was hardly joyful. For one thing we had no home to return to. Worse, the very thought of going back to the West Coast filled us with dread. What will they think of us, those who sent us here? How will they look at us? Three years of wartime propaganda— racist headlines, atrocity movies, hate slogans, and fright-mask posters— had turned the Japanese face into something despicable and grotesque. Mama and Papa knew this. They had been reading the papers. Even I knew this, although it was not until many years later that I realized how bad things actually were.

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