Fallen Angels

what was the result of the failed bushes?

fallen angel questions

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Richie and Pee Wee were separated from their squad and spent a night hidong in a hole. Looking out, they see a battalion of North Vietnamese patrolling the river. In the morning, an enemy soldier checks the hole and Richie and Peewee kill him, then they carefully make their way to the original chopper landing site, hoping that choppers will be sent there to look for them. When they get there, they see Monaco sitting alone and quickly realize that there are enemy soldiers hiding in the bushes surrounding Monaco (he's bait for the choppers). But as the chopper arrives, Peewee and Richie open fire on the enemy soldiers, alerting the choppers to the enemy presence and saving the lives of Monaco and many others. The choppers open fire on the Vietnamese, enabling all the Americans to board safely. Both Richie and Peewee are wounded during the scuffle.