Fallen Angels

How does rank affect the way the men interact in the war?

chapter 14

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As Perry finds himself evolving due to his close encounters with death, Captain Stewart's professional ambition drives his recklessness. He estimates the body count from the interdiction mission to be 28 VC, even though Perry is uncertain about the number being so high. When Peewee and Perry find the wounded VC soldier hidden underneath the rug in the village, they pause, but Captain Stewart completes the kill. Additionally, Perry notices that the Captain has been drinking heavily - which is perhaps his own method of distancing himself from his actions.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Simpson steps in to fill the void that Lt. Carroll has left and tries to help the GIs survive the war. He stands up to Captain Stewart who has been volunteering Alpha Company for missions all over the place in an effort to increase his body count and simultaneously, his chances for a promotion to major. Simpson even extends his tour by 30 days after weeks of counting down until the end of his duty.