Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels/ Chapters 6-10

What happens to Charlie Company when Perry patrols with them?

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In Chapter Seven, Perry meets up with Charlie Company and is assigned to the fourth platoon, which will be providing backup for the first platoon. Perry's duty is a to feed ammunition to Scotty, the machine gunner. Perry feels nervous while on patrol with this group of strangers, even though the LZ is supposed to be secure and Lieutenant Doyle, the platoon leader, has proclaimed that they are "not looking to get into a firefight." However, Perry's fears are validated when he hears the sound of shots being fired. Doyle lets his men undertake a lengthy and vicious retaliation against the shooters, even though they are somewhat hidden. He even approves the use of white phosphorus to ensure that the enemy has been sufficiently cleared. However, about 15 seconds after the white phosphorous attack, Doyle screams for a cease - fire. Sure enough, the mystery attackers are not the enemy at all - they are the members of the first platoon. The fourth platoon of Charlie Company has mowed down their own men.



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