Fahrenheit 451

why is montag unhappy

montag is the character in the novel fahrenheit 451

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Montag is unhappy because he lacks a human connection. He and his wife have nothing in common; her attempt at suicide simply reinforces how unemotional many in the society have become as she is treated. He also meets Clarisse and realizes that people live in different ways. Finally, once he watches the old woman burn with her books, he begins to wonder about books and what value they might have. Although he listens to Beatty's explanation about why they are not needed, he does not accept it and thus, is no longer content with the world in which he lives.

Montag does not have meaning in his life. Society has become an endless series of superficial memories based on nothing but consumption and escape. Montag doesn't begin to ponder his unhappiness until he speaks with his young neighbor Clarisse. She simple asks Montag, "Are you Happy". Montag muses about this and goes home to his wife who is trying to swallow a bottle of pills.

he has a lack of human connection and he has nothing in common with his wifeand techinical difficulties arise.