Fahrenheit 451

Why is Faber willing to become Montags mentor?

Part 2

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Faber decides to help Montag and become his mentor because he knows he can work through Montag to fix things since he is too afraid to fix things himself. When Montag comes to Faber, Faber doesn't much like Montag's idea of placing books in firemen's houses and he doesn't want any part of it because of fear, but when Montag begins ripping a precious Bible and convincing Faber that change is necessary, Faber agrees to work with him and help stop the burning of books. He promises Montag that he will read the bible to him, starting with the book of Job. He is also going to help Montag to understand what he reads. Faber becomes a mentor to Montag because even though he is scared, he knows that the world is very messed up and shouldn't be the way it is; he knows that people are not truly happy; he knows that he, too, wants to be able to read books without worry.