Fahrenheit 451

why is Clarisse considered abnormal?

part one the hearth and the salamander

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Clarisse is curious about the world around her. She also asks questions regarding the "happiness" of others. She challenges Montag's blind acceptance of the society and what rules the society makes. Clarisse draws Montag into a self-examination that causes him to begin questioning the rules that govern his society. Clarisse is not easily controlled by the "programming" that pervades this society. She questions authority. Clarisse is fully human and awake, while others are "sleep-walking" through their existence and helped along with sleeping tablets or other chemical substances. The "cousins" on the telescreen offer mind-control and mindless chatter as do the snail-shell ear phones.

Clarisse also does not watch the telescreen but instead has long and involved conversations with others in her family. Obviously, she reads books, but simply has not yet been caught. Clarisse understands relationships and knows how to relate to others conversationally.