Fahrenheit 451

why do you think beatty really hates books?is he hypocrite ?

how do you think that ? why?or why not

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Captain Beatty does not represent a simple man, or an ignorant one. His repeated quotation of books he has read is, in itself, designed to make a point to Montag: that he has read every fashion of book and found them all wanting. He doesn't order others to burn books just because he has himself been ordered to do so, or because of tradition, or blind allegiance, or any such thing.

Beatty burns books because he believes in burning books.

Beatty may also be trying to impress upon Montag that he is going down a dangerous intellectual road, one that has been traveled before even by Beatty himself, and that there is nothing down that road worth pursuing. In a twisted sort of way, he's trying to "rescue" Montag from himself, and to do so, he must first prove that an intelligent man can come to the conclusion that burning books is the best, most logical thing to do.