Fahrenheit 451

Who is Clarisse McClellan? Why does Montag find her odd?

I'm reading Fahrenheit 451 and I have no clue what I'm doing and have a hard time understanding it and these are some questions from my study guide. 

who is clarisse mcclellan? why does montag find her odd?

in what ways is Clarisses family different?

what question does clarisse ask Montag?

why does this question unnerve him?

what was peering at Montag when he entered the house?

whatdoes Mildred have in her ears?

what has happened to Mildred? how was she helped? is this a common problem?

what did Mildred buy?

what did Montag taste? why is this significant?

what is the mechanical hound?

hiw does the mechanical house feel about Montag? why?

how did the old woman in the house make montags job more difficult?

why does this event have a profound impact on Montag?

what does Montag take from the woman's house?

who are the relatives who speak to Mildred?

what happened to clarisse?

what does Montag have hidden? what does he plan to do with them?

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