Fahrenheit 451

who is clarisse?

she is a character

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She is a 17 year old girl that Montag becomes somewhat infatuated with. She is rebellious and not taken in by the technology of the time. She encourages him to follow his instincts.

Clarisse is Montag's 17 year old neighbor. She doesn't like school, in fact she really doesn't care for people and is pretty antisocial. She's a tiny thing, with fair skin and dark, shiny eyes (they almost seem to have a life of their own). After meeting Montag, she becomes just a bit pesky and is almost like a two year old; everything is "why;" it's all about questions and curiosity. Even Clarisse acknowledges her differences, but those differences give Montag an innocent view of the potential the world has to change.


Fahrenheit 451

Clarisse is the character that acts as Montag's catalyst for change. Her recalcitrance and nonconformity allows Montag to discover how jaded his view of life has become.