Fahrenheit 451

What would yo say is the motto for contemporary culture?

part one the hearth and the salamander

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If we were asked to come up with a motto for the social setting in the first part, I would say that the primary focus should be on book burning and the general desire for comfort that surrounds Montag. One particular motto that might work would be a paraphrase of the New York Times: "All the books fit to be burned." This helps bring out the fireman's function, the purpose of Montag's existence as the book opens. The idea of burning books and "all" of them being "fit" for burning is critically important. The motto does not make a distinction, and neither does the firemen in burning books. I think that another one would be something like "No news is good news." The society in which Montag lives is one where there is a continual desire to feel comfortable and not engage in anything relevant. There is a desire to be disengaged, immersed only in superficiality and nothing substantive. While there is a war ongoing, no one really seems to care about it so long as they have their own comforts. In this, the motto helps to bring out the idea that as long as there is no disruption to one's comforts, all is well.