Fahrenheit 451

What is the main message of the story?

are we supposed to learn anything from it as television and the internet are replacing books and communication in our society?

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In Fahreheit 451, Bradbury's main message is to remind his readers to value the power of thought and knowledge. Replacing reason, thought, and the power of education with technology leaves us stagnant. Censorship is limiting, reality television gives us a sense of false reality, history gets rewritten, and the populace becomes complacent. What we can learn from this lesson is important.... it's amazing how Bradbury was able to take the television and use it to see into the future of technology. In our modern world, reality television has become a favorite pastime. People ignore their own families to tune in and not miss a moment of the "reality" we're fed. The internet has become a fast fix for knowledge..... just google it..... which is fine, except that the information is often incorrect or spun. Families sit down to dinner with phones in hand and without conversation, intimate conversation no longer exists. I think he hit it dead on.


Fahrenheit 451