Fahrenheit 451

what is the ''hero's journey'' in the book?

Joseph cambell made a system which is called a hero's journey, and I want to know what it is in farenheit 451. I really need this answer please.

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Montag's journey follows Campbell's framework. Actually Campbell, much of my master's thesis had to do with him, argued that everybody's life followed the hero's quest. In Montag's case it is quite clear. He is faced with a question through a mentor figure (Clarisse). Montag discovers that he really is not happy. He then goes through Campbell's various stages of the hero's quest. He accepted the call to adventure (exploring books), he crosses the threshold (steals books) and spends time in the belly of the whale ( His house burns, Mildred leaves, on the run) Along with these are the steps of initiation and the final return. I could go on but I hope this helps a little.