Fahrenheit 451

What happens when Montag gets home from the fire at the old woman's house?

Part 1

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Montag steals one of the woman's books and takes it home with him that evening. Montag returns home shaken by the woman's death and nervous about his illegal acquisition.

As he and Millie lie in their respective twin beds, Montag finds himself unable to recall how and where they met. He asks Millie if she remembers, but she doesn't, and is not bothered by it. Montag is overcome with thoughts of his loveless, lifeless marriage and the modern technologies his wife spends her days immersed in. Montag questions her about Clarisse, who he has not seen in days, and Mildred says she had forgotten to tell him that Clarisse was struck by a car and killed four days earlier. Her family has since moved away. Montag is very upset to hear this news and can't believe Millie forgot to tell him. He falls asleep with his stolen book hidden under his pillow.