Fahrenheit 451

what do various forms of technology symbolize in this novel?

examples: the mechanical hound,tv walls,the snake like thing that pumps out someone's stomach,earplug/seashell radios?

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salamander- fire truck

hearth- home

sieve is futility

sand- truth

mirrors- self understanding

electric eyed snake- stomach pump

Mechanical Hound- think the fire fighters Dalmatian crossed with the Hound of the Baskervilles (Bradbury cited this in the afterward). The Hound represents fear of government.


"The television screens represent the isolation, emptiness and alienation of the society. There is no real intimacy between Mildred and Montag, because all of Mildred's love and care goes to the imaginary characters on television, all of whom are more "real" to her than people or characters in books."

They symbolize her family.



sea-shell ear pieces- drifting away from reality/ used for government propaganda.