Fahrenheit 451

What clue does the author give to show Montag is hungry?

in the text
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Montag's thoughts inform the reader he's hungry. These clues can be found in the things he is thinking about....

A cool glass of fresh milk, and a few apples and pears laid at the foot of the steps.
This was all he wanted now.

There must have been a billion leaves on the land; he waded in them, a dry river smelling of hot cloves and warm dust. And the other smells! There was a smell like a cut potato from all the land, raw and cold and white from having the moon on it most of the night. There was a smell like pickles from a bottle and a smell like parsley on the table at home. There was a faint yellow odour like mustard from a jar. There was a smell like carnations from the yard next door. He put down his hand and felt a weed rise up like a child brushing him. His fingers smelled of liquorice.


Fahrenheit 451