Fahrenheit 451

What are your thoughts on Bradbury's writing style? I feel that he is very descriptive. He describes everything in full detail. To me it gets a little dry at those long parts but what do you think?

Please give me your thoughts!

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I think Bradbury's writing stly is very unique. While i was reading the book i felt a little confused at some parts because he didn't describe some things. But after a class descusion that we had i now think that it sort of added to the novel. I think it added because it made you fell like it was more real, and that he didn't need to explain it because their way of life was so normal. At times it was annoying but i kind of liked it.

In my opinion Bradbury's writing style is very different than most of the types of novels I usually read. He never fully explains what he is talking about, but he didn't necessarily need to. It left me a little confused when he didn’t fully explain things, however, like Greta said it made the novel feel more realistic. His writing style could be a little boring at parts and didn’t fully make sense. It got confusing but after I had a class discussion it became clearer. I feel like Bradbury left things open and sort of unfinished so you could imagine it the way you wanted it to. It got annoying at times but I rather enjoyed his writing style in the end.

Overall I like Ray Bradbury's writing style. He really makes the reader feel a connection to his characters. Mr. Bradbury put lots of detail and description into all of his characters no matter how short a time they are in the story. I think the characters are the best part of the novel. I also really like the plot of this book. Its original even though there are other books with the same kind of plot. What makes it so original is his style of writing. But I do agree that at some of the long parts it does get a bit dry.

I enjoyed Bradbury's writing style , he approaches writing differently than most authors. I think this makes him stand out as an author. I believe he is pretty descriptive when it comes to explaining characters, electronics, and the society. At certain times I did get confused with what he was trying to say partly because he didn't always explain everything the best he could have, but all the confusion went away once I had a class discussion. The book could get really boring but for the most part it was interesting to see what was going to happen next. I think because it was suspensful at times thats what kept me into the book. It made me keep going and want to read more. I believe Bradbury was very smart with the way he chose to write the book and I really liked reading it.

Well i agree with you. I think that Ray Bradbury's style of writing is very detailed yet vague. You know he gives you enough bits about information, so that you can understand what hes talking about, but he leaves enough information out, so that you can percieve the machines and devices used for yourself and create in your mind what they look like or how they work. One reason i think that Bradbury does this, is so that the reader can use their imagination, which is what most good authors do. Also, this technology that he talks about is so futerized from the information that was available to the people reading this book the time it was written, that he might not have been able to expand on the explanations in indepth detail. And sure it does get dry and boring at some parts, but without those descriptions, we would no idea what he was talking in parts so i think that its a good thing that he added those little sections that explained everything and i hope that this maybe helped you get a different perspective on the topic

I also enjoyed Bradbury's writing style. It left a lot of room for imagination and free thought, allowing me to sort of add my own ideas about things. It made me connect to the book more because i got to see things in a personal way, the way I envisioned them based off Bradbury's ideas. However, sometimes I became frustrated with the lack of information because it created some confusion while discussing the novel with others. Also, i felt that sometimes the novel had definite highs and lows. sometimes it would be very fast paced and exciting, and at others it would seem to drag on. those parts were kind of boring, but also enlightening. I was more engaged in the book at the exciting suspenseful moments, but even the slower parts kept my interest.