Fahrenheit 451

What are some direct quotes that supports the man vs. society theme in Fahrenheit 451?

Man vs. society theme in Fahrenheit 451. Include page number and please give more than two DIRECT quotes... Thanks

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"If you don't want a house built, hide the nails and wood. If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none." ch 1

"I don't know what it is. I'm so damned unhappy, I'm so mad, and I don't know why I feel like I'm putting on weight. I feel fat. I feel like I've been saving up a lot of things, and don't know what. I might even start reading books. ch 1

"I'm going to do something," said Montag. "I don't even know what yet, but I'm going to do something big." ch 1