Fahrenheit 451

What are 3 symbols are important to a character or the book, and why are they important and what pages can I find them on

And parts of the book

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“The Sieve and the Sand” is taken from Montag's childhood memory of drying to fill a sieve with sand on a bet with his rather nasty cousin. Of Course Montag couldn't do it. This becomes a symbol of the futility he feels trying to memorize books like the Bible in quick covert readings.

The Phoenix is another symbol. After the city has been bombed and destroyed, Granger comments that man has risen from this devastation many times in history, like the phoenix. Eventually the phoenix burns itself up again and the cycle continues.

Dover Beach (poem)

Montag's reading of "Dover Beach" stirs Mrs. Phelp's' emotions which have long been blocked by the city's culture, mass media...The poem symbolizes the purity of nature and emotions in their primal form as opposed to the artificial world people have created.