Fahrenheit 451

Summarize the important speech made by Beatty explaining what changes occurred in American society that finally result in almost all reading materials, especially books, being burned.

Part One

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In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury uses book burning as a symbol of the power censorship holds in this futuristic society. Through Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury appears to give warning to what might be in store for a society that allows anti-intellectualism to ferment and technology to take over. Written soon after the close of WWII, 'The Hearth and the Salamander', the opening section of Fahrenheit 451, provides a glimpse of how the world might have developed had Hitler won. At the same time, Bradbury alludes to the rampant McCarthyism in the American political climate at the time. The Un-American Activities Committee summoned textbooks for "evaluation", and McCarthy claimed many men and women involved in the arts, including well known authors, were Communists