Fahrenheit 451

Summarize Beatty's explanation of how the need for firemen arose.

Why did the ned for them come about

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Beatty explains the irony behind their job. Everything is in fact fireproof. Their job was to put out the fires of discontent. Books contained ideas that challenged the government's pleasure principle. As long as people remained in a vacuous stupor of "contentment", they could forever remain in power. The word "intellectual" became dangerous. People who read books and thought for themselves formed ideas against the party and ideas are bulletproof (*I took that last line from a movie I like!) Firemen became the "guardians of people's comfort". They would destroy books before they could be manifested in people’s brains to form ideas; they are ideas which could threaten the delicate balance between happiness and ignorance, equality and inequality, which the government has tries so hard to achieve.