Fahrenheit 451

state the suspenseful details of the plot that occurs when montag returns hoem from the fire station.Include details about mildred,montag,beatty,the mechanical hound,other fireman.

Be very specific and be complete

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Montag enters his modern home and retires to his bedroom, where he finds that his wife, Mildred, has overdosed on sleeping pills.

Technicians arrive at the house, pump Mildred's stomach and give her a complete transfusion with various technological instruments.

The next morning as Montage arrives at the fire station he passes the Mechanical Hound, a massive robotic police dog which, once set to an individual's chemical balance, is able to locate and annihilate its prey. Montag is unnerved when the hound growls at him.

One evening, an alarm comes in, calling the firemen to an old house where the owner, an older woman, refuses to abandon her home. Defiantly, the woman insists on dying among her books and lights the match that eventually takes her life along with her home and all her books. During the melee, Montag steals one of the woman's books and takes it home with him that evening. Montag returns home shaken by the woman's death and nervous about his illegal acquisition.