Fahrenheit 451

Short answer Questions

1. What is the purpose of the mechanical hound?

2.Why is it ironic that Mildred describes the people on the televison as her family?

3.Summarize and explain the way or process(according to Beatty) by which the society in Fahrenheit 451 came to the point where it banned books.

4. What is the turning point in the novel for Montag? Think about when things begin to spiral out of control.

5. Why did Bradbury use the poem Dover Beach in the book and what was he implying?

6. How does Montag escape the mechanical hound?

7. What does Faber say is missing from th society? (Three things)

8. How does Granger explain the phoenix towars the end of the novel, and what significance does this have?

9. What is the climactic ending of the book? What glimmer of people of hope is left?

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The Mechanical Hound is an android-like dog that tracks the scent of its prey with a vengeance. It also hunts illegal books or anything else that the state deems necessary. The Hound injects a poison into their victim which incapacitates them. The Mechanical Hound attacks Montag, and Montag destroys it with the flamethrower, but not before it stabs him with a needle full of anesthetic.

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