Fahrenheit 451

Questions about the book?

what was two ways in which Clarisse is different than her society expects her to be?

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One... she refuses to be apart of the schools that feed kids useless information.

Two... she stops to smell the roses so to speak. She dares to think outside of the box unlike the rest o the world.

How is Montag able to escape from the hound?

What page is the word hearth on?

He grabs on to the fire pole and it pulls him up to the second floor.

Why was montag foolish to use the phrase"Once upon a time"?

what are quotes that relate to the theme Knowledge vs ignorance?

Clarisse decides to ask why, which has been determined to be a useless question by society.

She is an onion as determined by the nameless psychologist. she has many layers unlike montag's wife who's life revolves around the wall tvs

Montag is foolish to use the words once upon a time because he has taken clarissa's words as the truth and feels in comfort with his fireman friends because hasn't started reading yet, he cannot be accused. By saying "once upon a time" he entails he knows something is true more so than the other firefighters. a controversial question like this had not been broughten up with his fellow men, (in the context of the book), so he could not be prepared for an appaling reaction.

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