Fahrenheit 451

Questions about Part 3: Burning Bright (7,8,and 9)

7. To what mythical character did Beatty compare Montag? What does that show about Montag's personality or relationships? (Think back to what you researched for our first context assignment... just a hint, it's not Cassius!)

8. Why do you think Bradbury chose to have Beatty die as he did?

9. Montag realized that Beatty wanted to die. What explanation can you give for this?

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7) The Lord of All Creation; he believes that Montag is acting as God.

8) Fire is the all consuming element of the story... I don't think Bradbury would ever have considered killing him any other way.

Fahrenheit 451


9) "Soon after killing Beatty, Montag realizes Beatty wanted to die. He made no effort to avoid the flames. Here, Bradbury acknowledges that even people involved in oppression can know their actions are wrong, but are too weak to fight against them. Therefore, Beatty's death is truly one of self-destruction. His own inaction allows his life to reach this point, and knowing he is unhappy and dissatisfied, Beatty allows Montag to burn him to death."