Fahrenheit 451

Questions about Part 3: Burning Bright (4,5,and 6)

4. What did Beatty discover when he hit Montag? Because of the discovery, what did he threaten to do?

5. What two announcements did Montag hear on the seashell radio? Why are they important?

6. Where will Faber be going on the 5:00 AM bus? Why does it matter?

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4) Beatty hits Montag, knocking Faber's secret radio from his ear. Beatty picks it up, saying he will have to trace it and, "drop in on your friend."

5) Montag hears police bulletins about his flight and the authorities in pursuit.

6) Faber plans to go to St. Louis to track down a retired printer friend and use money Montag brought with him to print books.