Fahrenheit 451

Questions about Part 2: The Sieve and the Sand (9 AND 10)

Why do you suppose the poem made Mrs. Phelps cry? What was Mrs. Bowles' reaction? Mildred's?

Were you surprised that the Salamander stopped at Montag's house? What do you predict will happen next? Give two reasons from the text for your answer.

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9) Montag retrieves a book of poetry to read to the women, the presence of which a shocked Millie explains by saying that every fireman is allowed to bring home one book a year to see how silly they are. At Faber's prompting, Montag agrees that this is true, and proceeds to read a poem, Dover Beach, to the three uncomfortable women. When he is finished, Mrs. Phelps is crying, though she cannot explain why, and Mrs. Bowles is angry with Montag for bringing about trouble. Mildred tries to calm the group, but the women are quite shaken and leave. Montag criticizes them as they go, telling them to think about the quality of their lives. Mildred goes to the bathroom to take some sleeping pills and Montag removes the radio from his ear as Faber begs him to stop, sure that he has gotten himself in trouble.

10) No, I wasn't surprised. Montag has been nothing if not blatant in his actions. It was only a matter of time before someone initiated some type of investigation into his actions.

"Montag," Faber's voice scraped away at him. "You'll ruin everything. Shut up, you fool!"


"Silly words, silly words, silly awful hurting words," said Mrs. Bowles. "Why do people want to hurt people? Not enough hurt in the world, you've got to tease people with stuff like that !"


"I'm trotting right straight home. You want to visit my house and

`family,' well and good. But I won't come in this fireman's crazy house again in my lifetime!"


The men ran like cripples in their clumsy boots, as quietly as spiders.

At last Montag raised his eyes and turned. Beatty was watching his face.

"Something the matter, Montag?"

"Why," said Montag slowly, "we've stopped in front of my house."


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