Fahrenheit 451


1. At the fire station there is the Mechanical Dog. How does it look and how does it work?

2. Clarisse is considered unsocial, but thinks she is social. She does not go to school and is critical of it. What does she not like with school? What topic do they seem strange? What do you think you learn there?

3. Clarisse talks about what other young people do after school and at leisure. Give some examples.

4. What does Clarisse do instead of going to school?

5. Author Ray Bradbury in front of criticism of society and his concern for development in several areas. The book was written in 1953, so the times have changed. Clarisse's statements about what people are talking about might be Bradburys own thoughts. What does Clarisse say? How do you interpret it? What does she want you to talk about, do you think?

6. The firefighters do not seem to know that firefighters once put out fire instead of burning books, as Clarisse knows and even told Montag. Why do you think the firefighters do not know this fact? What's in their manual? Who is listed as the first firefighter? Who was this American?

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The Mechanical Hound is an android-like dog that tracks the scent of its prey with a vengeance. It also hunts illegal books or anything else that the state deems necessary. The Hound injects a poison into their victim which incapacitates them. The Mechanical Hound attacks Montag, and Montag destroys it with the flamethrower, but not before it stabs him with a needle full of anesthetic.

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