Fahrenheit 451


1) what does quality of information mean?

2) what does it mean "leisure to digest it"?

3) what does "the right to carry out action based on what we learn from the interaction of the first two" mean?

^these r the three things faber things r missing i wonder what he actually means by those things can u plz explain it

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1) Quality of information would mean just how good, reliable, or accurate the information is.

2) The "leisure to digest" refers to being able to take your time in absorbing news or information.

3) What Faber means here is that when you gather quality information and take your time in understanding what you've learned, you are then able to make decisions and choices based on what you've learned from the first two steps. He's referring to the process one must use in order to take action based on knowledgeable decisions.


Fahrenheit 451

In farhenheit 451, what are the sand and the sieve? What do these symbolize?