Fahrenheit 451

quesions for pages 15 - 30

pages 15-30

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What is your question here?

1. what term do they use to describe their work?

2.what happened to the man whose library they burned down according to beatty?

3.how were things suppose to be done according to montag when it came too book?

4.what is so different about the three story house?

5.what excuse does beatty use to explain why the books were wrong?

6.who does beatty say the woman quoted when she said mister ridley and what date ?

7.what is the poison he says is working its way up his arm?

8.what is his reaction when he gets home from the fire?

9.what does montag have with him when he gets home ?

10.where does mildred say she and montag met?

11.what does he think is more important that night that he know ?

12. what does he realize would have been his reaction if mildred had died?

13.why does he say that would have been his reacton?

14.what brings the dandelion back to montag's mind?

15.who is mildred family? name 3 of them

16. how fast does mildred drive when he's in the car with her ?


all these answers are on pages 30-49

#2 Beatty says that the man was taken to the insane asylum. You need to submit each of your other questions one at a time. Thanks.