Fahrenheit 451


3) Discuss the role of family in the characters’ lives, particularly in relation to the TV parlor “families” and their nature and function. What argument does Bradbury seem to be making about families in society?

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Bradbury's allusion to parlor families was a direct warning about the dangers of technology, and he wasn't far off base. How many people would rather watch the newest installment of a reality television show than converse with their families at dinner? How many people do you know who speak about television personalities or other celebrities as if they really know them? Technology has taken over the lives of many..... people don't talk, they text. Games apps have replaced a real games of cards, people would rather play on their smartphones or computers, as opposed to sitting across a table. Many families don't talk, and the kids look up their questions on google rather than asking their parents for advice. Need I go on?