Fahrenheit 451

Please write one paragraph as responding the questions below.

Write at least one well-developed paragraph discussing your response to the end of the novel. What did you think about the end?  Did you like it?  Was it what you expected?   In your opinion, is the ending optimistic or pessimistic?  What do you think would happen next in the story?  Try to use specific details in your paragraph: in other words, not just "I liked/didn't like it", but what and why.

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I'm sorry, the above question requires your feeling and opinions. If you have any specific questions regarding the text, please feel to come back and ask them here. 

would you please give your opinion on this becasue i havent read the novel but need to answer this question? thanks,

I'm sorry, other than to say I love this novel, I cannot give you my opinion for a school assignment. This forum is designed for specific, literature based questions. Your teacher doesn't want my opinion...... he/she wants your opinion.