Fahrenheit 451

PLEASE Help! 10 Hard Questions of Fahrenheit 451.Answers required under 24 hours!

I'm sorry if it's too much but I'm in a bit of a rush. Chapter: "The Sieve and the Sand". Hopefully the Questions and Answers will help everyone else too.

1. Describe Montag and Mildred's meeting outside.

2.What advice does Faber give Montag?

3.What does Montag hear from his shell?(headphones if I'm not wrong.)

4.What happens to Montag as he is running away that impairs him greatly?

5.What is on the television?

6.What thought does Montag have as another car nearly hits him?

7.Beatty takes a moment to talk about fire.What does he say and mean by that?

8. What will happen after Montag is done burning his house?

9. What 2 items does Beatty find?

10. What happens to Faber's Communication Device?

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PLEASE! I need these answers by tomorrow morning or today at 11:00 PM(Near midnight). So just PLEASE help me! if anyone needs help for any other books and novels that you haven't read and I have already read before you,just ask on this site and I'll give you the answer(s).But please help! this novel can barely be understood by my friends,family and classmates(some THAT ARE OLDER THAN ME). This English class is giving me a huge headache.