Fahrenheit 451

Part 2

A. Why does montag seek help from Faber?

B. Who is he?

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Montag recalled an encounter with an elderly man (Faber), he'd met in a park a year earlier. The man was a former English Professor (all the liberal arts colleges had been closed some 40 years). It was obvious to Montag that the old man had a book tucked in his coat, but the fireman did nothing about it. Faber's words echoed in his head, "I don't talk of things, sir, I talk of the meaning of things. I sit here and know I'm alive." Montag remembers he took down Faber's contact information, and retrieves it from his files. He uses another phone to call Faber, who is shocked to hear from him. Montag questions Faber about how many copies of the book he stole from the old woman are left in the country. Faber tells him there are no other copies of the book and nervously hangs up on him.

Professor Faber

An aging intellectual in a world with no place for such people, Faber greatly disapproves of the dehumanized, oppressive society in which he lives. However, Faber feels it is safer to live discreetly rather than protest or attempt to change the world. Faber and Montag first met years ago in a park and after a long discussion about books, gave Montag his contact information. After Montag is taken in by the magic of books, he seeks Faber out and together, the two men try to work together against their oppressive society. When Montag is running from the law, Faber helps him escape. At the end of the novel, we are led to believe that Faber escapes the atomic bomb, as he had planned to catch an early bus out of the city.