Fahrenheit 451

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13. What does the word "polemize" mean?

14. What is the reason the firefighters started burning books?

15. What do you know about why Clarisse is different? How has her childhood been?

16. "The home environment can destroy an amount of what the school is trying to build. That is why we have lowered the kindergarten age from year till we now take them almost directly from the cradle. " (p.96f) What do you consider about society's responsibility versus parents' responsibility and importance for a child's education? Should children be forced to go to kindergarten? What do you think Bradbury likes this?

17. Beatty tells you how to make people not like Clarisse. How was Clarisse? What is it going to give people because they should not think and rub so much ??

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The word polemicize means to engage in controversy.

Please submit each of your questions one at a time. Thanks.