Fahrenheit 451

just a few questions

what lie did captain beatty tell montag?

what did montag do in the old ladys attic?

why were the alarms to burn every night?

why did the old woman light the match and commit suicide?

what happend to clarisse? was it an accident?

what was montag afraid captain beatty would discover when he came to visit?

why did captain beatty believe books should be destroyed?

what did montag show mildred after the captain had left the house?

any help would be much appreciated these and about 65 more questions about the book are due tomorow and ive been taking adderall all night and trying to get em done but spark notes can only go so far

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montag stood there while beaty and the others threw books done on him.

because fire can be seen better in the dark than in the day.

because she believed in what she was doing. they call that being a mardor.

she died.no one really knows.

his books.

because they cause unhappiness.

his collection of books.

should have read the book. it's really good. and it's kind of ironic and funny to find this post about this book. I think it solidifies what the book is trying to get across about our society.