Fahrenheit 451

In your opinion, who is responsible for Captain Beatty's death?

2 details from the book included

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This questions calls for your opinion, there is no right or wrong answer. In my opinion, both Montag and Beatty were responsible for Beatty's death. Montag, because he put his home in danger.... because he broke the law and didn't hide it, thus, putting others in danger. he knew Millie's friends would report him, and he knew his wife was frightened. He also knew that Beatty would be waiting for him to make a mistake. He was vulnerable and played right into Beatty's hands.

Beatty, on the other hand, was resposible for his death as well. He taunted Montag.... threatened Faber.... and he did so when Montag had nothing left to lose. Millie was gone, the house was gone, Montag's job was gone, and the books were gone..... he had nothing left to lose. Beatty played him, but Montag, in desperation, beat him as his own game.


Fahrenheit 451