Fahrenheit 451

important question

can me help someone?...to what extent can beatty accused of hypocrisy???.....it is

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not really!

well beatty used to be a book reader and when all the bad things happened in his life, the books couldn't help him. so after that, he turned on books forever. he can be accused of hypocrisy because on a daily basis, he uses some reference to books. he is a firemen, but he has knowledge of books from his earlier days. so, in a way, he uses this knowledge he gained to torment the other firemen. he advises the firemen that books contain nothing useful, yet he uses quotes from them when he gives advice.

heh? well Beatty is a hypocryte..i think that is what your asking. He is 1 becasue he recited literature from a book to mantag, proving that he had read before.