Fahrenheit 451

identify and specific times that fahrenheit 451 is confusing? What is Confusing? Was there a moment of Clarity? Did this help in your understanding of the novel?

Fahrenheit 451 full page essay

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So you want to know what I find confusing about the novel? Okay. If I were reading it for the first time, and that was a long time ago..... I'd be a little confused over the job description for firemen. I'd also have a hard time understanding why books have been banned and people encouraged NOT to think.

I believe (if I remember correctly), I found clarity in the scene where Montag tries to read and have conversation with his wife's friends. He couldn't...... There were no true roles in society...... they didn't really have friends, conversation, or true thoughts. It's been a long time...... but that's the best I can do about what I originally found confusing.