Fahrenheit 451

How might bradbury be defining happiness in fahrenheit 451?

bradbury used thid quote we have everything we need to be happy, but we aren,t happy. Somthings missing"

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Bradbury's quote shows us that Montag's foray into the world of books was not an act revolt against the government. He saw his life, and he realized that both he, his wife, and the other people around them weren't truly happy. He knew that something was missing, but he wasn't sure what it was......... then he looked at the historical changes that had taken place, and he realized that the one thing people had...... that was gone was books. From there, Montag decided that what was "missing" was the ability to read books. After taking the books from the fire piles and sitting down to read them, he realizes that reading, freedom, and knowledge were all intertwined. That the ability to think and act for oneself also provided happiness.