Fahrenheit 451

how does montag feel about clarisse after meeting her?

how does montag feel about clarisse

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Montag feels something which he has never felt before. Montage starts to question if he is truly happy and he becomes saddened by his thoughts. Clarise symbolizes a type of clarity that Montag longs for. She presents unanswered questions of the freedom of his society.

Throughout the Hearth and the Salamander, Clarisse represents an individual who constantly represents an individual who constantly embarks on an inner journey and this is exemplified by her use of questions. The utilisation of questions "Do you mind if I ask?" and "Is it true......," may indicate Clarisse's curiosity. This curiosity acted as Clarisse's motivator, which portrayed her a a non-conformist, that questions standards enforced upon society.Therefore, Montag was forced to re-evaluate himself because when burning books, he feels immense power exerting from himself, however due to Clarisse's interrogating questions and curiosity, Montag felt 'dark and tiny,' and that because Clarisse's acquired knowledge gave her power, in a sense that her mind was very alive and alert.


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