Fahrenheit 451

help!!! Please!!!

What is the setting of this story? Where is it as in state or city or town???

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Hi, im pretty sure you don't ever find out exactly where the book takes place. You get the impression that it takes place in america, due to the fact that all the people speek english. Also you get that impression because of where Mildred and Guy live; the live in the suberbs. The suberbs are a pretty american thing. Also all the technology that they have is a spoof off of our stuff we have today in america. For example, the parlor walls, we already have home theatres that project out onto a wall but in the book the walls are all t.v.'s. One final example is the sea shell radio; i think that is a spoof off of a bluetooth. The radio fits in your ear so you have your hands free, just like a bluetooth. Hope this helps!