Fahrenheit 451

help please !

Please answer the following study questions in complete sentences with specific details from the text.

Feel free to add quotes from the book or article to support your answers.

Write in your most sophisticated writing voice and following all the parts of the Letter Requirement and Always Do This handouts

Proofread for spelling and grammar conventions.


Write a list of five of his main points about education in relation to F451

For each of the five things you listed, write one sentence (with perfect grammar!!) that states why you agree or disagree with Trout's idea -- so, 5 sentences from you in this section

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Hey I'm not sure who you are referring to "his main points " points.

the author

Ray Bradbury touched on a few themes involving education. In this context education is:

not valued, you are expected to think what you are told to think

reading old books is against the law.

Individual thought is discouraged

Individual expression is limited through lack of education

Any introspective thinking is discouraged.