Fahrenheit 451

great book

Everyone should read this book, lives up to the tradition of Orwell.

Gradesaver notes are great, they show you what one missed [not too much!!]when one reads the book; the test was good too.

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I read this book in the 8th grade and am about to start 12th grade but Farenheit 451 still reigns as one of my favorite books. The language is simple, the plot never drags on, and the ending is great. Every character is important; the husband the investigator, the wife the symbol of all the other conformist (with a twist) and the dog...

*Just a note to all young readers, read anything you want. Don't feel restricted by age, material, what have you. The point of this book is that no one person can say that this is what is appropriate for you, you have to decide that for yourself. When you are in class, read what the teacher gives you but don't limit yourself to only that. Check out the library and bookstores and find what interests you. Plus if you like this book and are into sci-fi (even if you aren't) read Brave New World.

Gradesaver is a lifesaver!

I agree, a great read.

I am a freshman just finishing this book. DID NOT ENJOY IT!!

How do you not enjoy this book? I personally loved every second of it, but mostly all the neat-o stuff they create in the 'future'

Hey everybody im doing a report on this book is due tommorow got stuck can anyone help? am looking for some opinions: like how do they have outstanding characteristics you noticed, how they behaved, what other characters think of them, what did they do to make others feel this way, how do characters react to them when they see one another, what do the cahracters want out of life? if yall can help thanks...... if not still thanks for trying...

omg, i just read this book in english!!! I thought it was pretty good, but it kind of scared me ^,^;

hey Tyler

did you finish you report?? and did you get a good mark??

im in 8th grade. had to read book.


maybe your teacher didn't point out all the really good stuff and connect it to our society today...

I love how all the connections fit into today's technology even though Bradbury wrote it decades ago.

I love how all the connections fit into today's technology even though Bradbury wrote it decades ago. Like the interactive TV being similar to reality shows and online games. The Seashells being like Ipods, or bluetooth connected to our ears......Amazing on bradbury's end. He's brilliant and ahead of his time.