Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit Questtions (1-4)

Multiple Choice

Remember to choose the best answer for each question.


What question did Clarisse ask Montag that disturbed him?

A) Do you enjoy your job?

B) Are you happy?

C) Are you a policeman?

D) Do you like nature?


When Montag asked Mildred about her taking all the sleeping pills, she...

A) suggested that they go out for dinner with friends.

B) said she wouldn’t do a thing like that.

C) started to cry and ran from the room.

D) admitted she was terribly unhappy.


What was the reason Clarisse didn’t have any friends in school?

A) “People don’t like me because I don’t like sports or wear stylish clothes.”

B) “I like school, and everyone else my age thinks that’s strange.”

C) “I am afraid of them, and they don’t like me because I’m afraid.”

D) “They know I read books, and they don’t want to get in trouble.”


What happened when the firemen answered the alarm at Mrs. Blake’s?

A) Montag saw Beatty stick a book inside his jacket when no one was looking.

B) The firemen accidentally set fire to the wrong house.

C) Captain Beatty dragged the old woman out of her house to the ambulance.

D) Mrs. Blake refused to leave her house and started the fire herself.

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1. B) Are you happy?

2. B) said she wouldn’t do a thing like that.

Please just post two questions at a time.

What reason did clarisse give for not having friends in school